About Me

Hi, salaam, my name is Rubina and I am a mum of two little girls (Imaan, age 3 and Faatima, age 9 months). Loving wife to an amazing, handsome, supportive and kind (most of the time!) husband. Follow me on Instagram to see pics of my daily life as a mumpreneur... @inspiremeart_

After giving birth to my first child in 2011, I was seeking fun, vibrant Islamic art with a modern twist and a good message for our family home. Disheartened by the typical black & gold arabic calligraphy that dominated the UK market, I started looking further afield... What I found totally shocked and amazed me! For the first time I saw that Islamic art could be colourful and modern with relevant reminders for our daily lives. I had difficulty sourcing these locally as this type of art is predominantly from countries such as Australia. 

Hence, Inspire Me Art was born!